Adventuring on Kaldbakur

Trips to Kaldbakur every day through

Our snow cats will take you to the top of Kaldbakur
Passengers can then choose to ski, snowboard, walk, sled or just sit back and enjoy the ride back down in the snow cat.

The longest ski run in Iceland, 1173 meters high.
Where we stop to take in the panoramic view!


Standard tours to Kaldbakur operate from the 1st of January till springtime.

Three tours per day, first at 10:00, second at 13:00 and lastly at 16:00. A minimum of 10 adults per tour is required.
The drive up Kaldbakur takes about 45 minutes. Once the top has been reached, we stop for 15 min. to enjoy the view. Our guides are knowledgeable about the surroundings and happy to answer any questions. Lastly, we recommend signing the guestbook.
The snow cats drive down the same way they went up and so passengers can choose to ski, snowboard, walk, sled or just ride back down in the snow cat. Kaldbakur toboggans are available to those who wish to answer the call of adventure!

We are happy to plan custom tours for group trips. Popular tours include staff outings, scenery trips and adventuring. Many choose to take their skis or snowboards along to take full advantage of the slopes. These tours must be booked in advance.

Kaldbakur tours operate two snow cats, with a combined maximum capacity of 64 adults.

Tours must be booked in advance. Phone +3548673770.
The snow cats depart from our parking area just north of Grenivík.
Both snow cats vehicles are open air, so it is necessary to dress warmly.