Kaldbakur toboggan

The history of the Kaldbakur toboggan

From the beginning it was quite clear that those who came to Kaldbakur were there to enjoy the slopes. Many types of toboggan were tried and tested to no avail. We then decided to start custom making our own toboggan. We started working with "Sæplast"-plastic manufacturer from Dalvík and created a toboggan that work ed well in the long slopes of Kaldbakur without breaking. It was tough, a great size and easily stackable. Furthermore, it could easily be used for towing while cross-country skiing. The toboggans are only 3,5 kg, 120 cm long and 60 cm at its widest. It comes in blue, red and yellow.


Skíðaþjónustan Akureyri

Fjölnisgötu 4b, 603 Akureyri

Hornið: Veiði- og Sportvöruverslun

Kaupvangsstræti 4, 600 Akureyri

And of course, the toboggans can be purchased from us, Kaldbaksferðir EHF.

Réttarholti II, 616 Grenivík